Management that Enhances Value

Since the company's founding, property management has stood as a cornerstone of expertise for the BÖAG Group. Leveraging years of experience, deep industry knowledge, and innovative approaches, we expertly guide properties well beyond their initial commissioning. Our mission is to sustain their optimum condition, profitability, and vibrancy over the long haul.

Our range of services spans the full spectrum, encompassing everything from construction, technical operations, financial oversight, and administrative management to the leasing and marketing of properties.

Excellence in Administration
and Customer Satisfaction

In the commercial sector, we expertly handle aspects such as rental and cost management, among other responsibilities. On the technical side, we ensure extensive support for properties, encompassing diligent inspections and the strategic planning and implementation of maintenance and renovation projects. Our collaboration with esteemed local craftsmen and facility management firms ensures the provision of streamlined emergency services. This synergy allows us to maintain properties at their peak, ensuring they remain functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

With our highly qualified team, deep understanding of tenancy legislation, and the use of cutting-edge management technologies, we meet the highest standards in terms of quality, sustainability, and client satisfaction.

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