A History Shaped by Tradition and Progress

Since our founding in 1920, our corporate group has continuously evolved. Initially, the focus of the family-owned BÖGE Group was on the acquisition and stewardship of our family-owned real estate assets. In 1968, we marked a pivotal expansion by establishing BÖGE Property Management, specializing in property and asset management. In 1991, we expanded our scope of services and started to undertake commercial projects on behalf of clients, especially construction and modernization contracts.


The evolution of the BÖAG Group

Under the umbrella of the BÖAG Group, we have been developing new projects since the late 1990s, now in the fourth generation. To further strengthen this business area, the BÖAG Projekt AG was founded in 2022. Property management has been taken over by BÖAG Immobilien Service GmbH & Co. KG.

Sustainability and innovation

With over a century of experience, we are dedicated to the excellent development and management of real estate. We always strive for innovative solutions for contemporary and sustainable properties that meet the needs of future generations.