Since 1999, we have been developing sophisticated real estate projects, both domestically and internationally, for both our own portfolio and esteemed third-party clients. Our range of services extends from the renovation to the construction of residential and office buildings to the innovative development and revitalization of entire areas and districts.

1. Development of Areas and Modern Districts

Specializing in large-scale projects, we prioritize forward-thinking design that anticipates the evolving needs of users. In doing so, we take into account the nature of work and living as well as changing framework conditions such as demographic development, structural change, and digitization.

We explore the possibilities and qualities of the location and bring together various interest groups, ideas, and approaches. Together with local politics, local authorities, and with the participation of citizens, we develop a comprehensive concept that is not only aimed at economic success but also offers long-term perspectives. In this process, we place great importance on supporting the development goals of cities and municipalities. In this way, we create building rights together with the communities and lay the foundation for a positive development of a location.

The result are versatile, value-stable, and intergenerational districts with a vibrant mix of uses.

2. New Construction and Renovation of Buildings

Whether it involves new construction, renovation, or refurbishment of existing properties – we develop commercially used spaces such as offices, hotels, retail and gastronomy areas, as well as medical practices and clinics. In the residential construction sector, we excel in realizing subsidized housing, rental properties, and luxury condominiums.

Our approach to each project is systematic. Once urban planning requirements and building law aspects are clarified, we focus on architectural, structural, and commercial planning and implementation. This encompasses financing, contract awarding, efficient project management, and continuous monitoring. Additionally, we offer comprehensive marketing, distribution, and management services as needed.

We place great importance on ensuring that every project is successfully completed to the highest quality standards. With our integrated approach, we ensure smooth processing and optimal results for all involved parties.

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